the reminder of the master of the valley, add the face of color slightly changed, my heart whispered Even the old guy Guinani are so taboo What is this identity Looked at the addition of Bi Bi met a soft nail, the side of the war also swallowed to the mouth NCDA of the words, see Valley Nepalese taboo posture, this Network Appliance Certification black robe people and they are not a level of existence, the moment also had to echo Laugh, ready to see the.people with the withdrawal. You... is Xiao Xiao war it Xiao war in the want to go back, it has maintained a silent black robe people, suddenly faintly asked out. Listening to the old voice, Xiao strategy slightly Yi Zheng, immediately hesitated nodded. I heard that your young master rely on the construction of the spirit of the liquid within a year even jump a few bucket of gas Oh, this is really surprising ah. Heipao people faint smile. Was so polite, Xiao Zhan mind NCDA it exam slightly hi, smiled and said Children are just lucky. Casually waved, Heipao Ren laughed Good luck is the ability, after the opportunity

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NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA